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      This is a page about the Fight Game Boxing Gymin Springfield,MO.

   You start with 1 on 1 training with our trainer Ike Stafford or Jeri Sitez WBC champion!If you have children great!Bring them to they cam workout to with our Little Champs Class on Saturdays and coming soon we will also have the class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

   We have fighters from the age of 5 to 73 years old!We also every August compete in the Kansas City,Mo World Amatuer Tournament.We only have one location 3101 S.Sceinic Springfield,Mo you can always contact us at (417)-883-7327.

   We Have great boxers and great training sessions we will never let anyone get hurt for safety and the condition of the fighters.WE have very simple rules like Stealers will not be tolorated, if you fight outside the gym for no good reason unless defense you are out!Do not talk down to other fighters don't tell then thier not good or they suck you will be out!Do not intentionally hit some one after the bell or with an illegal shot during a sparring session, exhibition or fight you will be out!




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